W.W. Tunes from KO

hey ladies - 

think sweet thoughts of beaches, not snowflakes: 



W.W. Half day

Hey friends!

Today is a half marathon themed workout day. I have been kicking myself into high training gear these days because, come May 17th, I will be running the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Now, since this is my first half marathon, I have many fears - the primary one being I will not finish the race. You'd thinking training massive amounts would help alleviate this fear, but no.

Some other fears I have:

Fear #1. I will be out of breath sometime before mile 4.

Fear #2. It will feel like I am moving in slow motion, making the entire experience grueling and completely sans fun.

Fear #3: I will trip, fall, and injure myself OR I will be tripped by another runner, leading to an unhappy runners scramble.

Fear #4. I will get lost, start running the wrong route, and not end up in Coney Island at the finish
(for those of you that know me, this is highly likely).

Fear #5. Music malfunctions. There is nothing worse to me than running without Ellie Goulding.

Needless to say, motivation to train has not been hard to come by at all. On a happier note, my favorite juice brand, Suja, is also letting me wear some of their fun gear while I run! You best bet I jumped up and down like a child when I got that news.

So excited!!!! Friends - bring champagne to my mouth at the finish line - assuming I make it to Coney Island in one piece - slash make it to Coney Island at all...

Happy Workout Wednesday!


W.W. Cabbage Patch Kids

Hi friends!

I don't know when it happened, but some time ago, all of the sudden I was obsessed with brussel sprouts. I know it sounds weird, and I don't think I am foreign to this realization either, but brussel sprouts are awesome/delicious/amazing. 

Now, they aren't the sexiest with first impressions (they look kinda weird, they smell kinda weird), but if you stick them in the oven for about 45 minutes with some olive oil, truffle oil and salt and peppa lovin', you've got yourself a kick-ass side dish for your trey-trey. Did I just sound like Tom Haverford?

Anywho, brussel sprouts are also supremely good for you. I am talking about the vitamins people. They have all of the vitamins. Other vegetables be jealous. To list a few - they have Vitamin K, A, all the B's, Folate, Fiber, and many more. 

Even better, by adding these tasty sprouts to your diet, you are partying with three of your body's most important systems 1) the detox system 2) the antioxidant system and 3) the inflammatory/anti-inflammatory system - and who doesn't like a vegetable that knows how to party?

That's right. Brussel Sprouts are basically the Jared Leto of vegetables. Although, I am sure Jared Leto smells amazing. 

Happy Workout Wednesday!



Workout Wednesday Tunes from KO

hey ladies -


put together a great one for the 40th mix. give it a listen or two:

do it.


W.W. Pure Barre

Good morning!

At about 10pm last night it kicked in that it was Wendesday, so I apologize for the late post. Woooops! 

Change is in the air this week peoples! As you definitely know, my Soul Cycle obsession has been in full force these past few months, so my fitness routine has been very cardio focused. Not a bad thing at all. I love running, I love spinning, I love music and I LOVE my Soul Cycle instructors. But, I always like adding a little spice to my routine. So, when a good friend of mine, MB, mentioned Pure Barre to me, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a try!

I hate to admit it, but I definitely underestimated how hard the class was going to be. They had a sign outside of the studio saying "we'll make your legs quiver" and that couldn't have been more on point. My legs were quivering…hard core.

If you haven't heard of Pure Barre, it is a total body workout that consists of small isometric movements performed using the ballet bar. These small movements are meant to lengthen and tone your muscles - but I must emphasize, just because these movements are small, does not mean they are easy. Holy burning buns. Butt seriously.

Also! Pure Barre has an amazing promotion right now where first timers can buy an unlimited monthly class pass for $150, which is a steal in the NYC fitness world. I, of course, purchased it and will be getting my Pure Barre on all month long!

Happy woops workout wednesday :)