Oh, Hey, Whatsup Hello?

WE ARE BACK! Yes, that is right, you read that correctly. The ladies are back. Although we are one short (pour one out for Ms. T who moved to another cool/fun/hip city), we are back and better than EVER.  We are going to blame the VERY long pause on grad school/moving and other life stuff. Mostly it has been a lapse on our behalf….and we know that our MANY  readers (not just ours moms) are THRILLED that we are back to write about the things we care about most! 


Sale Alert!

Happy Wednesday afternoon!  Congrats on making it through more than half of the workweek :)

I just wanted to pop by quickly to let you guys know about the sale over at J.Crew that ends Friday night.

J.Crew is offering 30% off select items, and up to 50% off sale items.  My sale pick? only my FAVORITE jacket of all time, the Downtown Field Jacket, which hardly ever goes on sale.

I got this jacket in the mossy brown color (which is really an army green) last year for my birthday, and can't even count the number of times I've worn it since! It really is the perfect light jacket for fall and spring, and the slightly boxier cut makes it easy to layer more underneath. Marked down from $148 to $128, with the extra 30% off you can snag this for just under $90! 

Also, did you notice that J.Crew now has reviews for their items?? Finally! This should help if you're scoping out some of those deep discount final sale items. Happy hunting!


Workout Gear - The Gap!

If you're like me, getting cute new workout clothes definitely gives you a little extra motivation to get to the gym.  Like Tina, I love Lululemon gear, but it's so expensive that I try to avoid going into the store that often.  (pro tip: there is always a TON of Lululemon on Ebay - if you know the particular style you're looking for and what size you are in Lulu stuff, you can score some great deals.)

The other day I popped into the Gap to pick up a few things since I had a 40% off full price items with a coupon they sent me, and I was really really excited by their Gap Fit collection!  They have some really comfy and cute tank tops, and their GFast capri pants are a nearly exact dupe of Lululemon Wonder Under crops!!

The heathered gray color is pretty much an exact match to the fabric of my Lulu pants in the same color.

The black pants are a bit shinier than Lulu's material, but they're not sheer when you bend over (crucial!); I picked up a black pair with some mesh insets to keep cool this summer, as well as a cute pair of running shorts similar to these but in a white and grey print.  Note: their bottoms run a bit small, I sized up to a medium in the capris and the shorts.

I also picked up a Breathe tank, which are very similar to Lululemon's Cool Racerback tanks but half the price! These run pretty true to size - I wear a size small.

If you're looking for some new workout gear to put into your gym rotation (or give you a little extra push to get to the gym!), definitely check out Gap - right now, you can get 40% off your online purchase with code THANKS.


Reupholstering DIY!

Recently, my grandparents sold their house, and were getting rid of a lot of their (great, midcentury) furniture.  My parents generously offered to bring whatever I wanted down to DC, so we made room in our little apartment for a few things, including this dining table.


It's solid walnut, and I love the color of the wood.  I just wasn't in love with the fabric on the seats, so with my mom's encouragement, I decided I could reupholster them myself!

After finding the perfect fabric, it only took us a few hours to redo all six chairs:


It was pretty easy with the right tools, but several people have asked me to share how I did it, so here you go!

You'll need: 

Needle nose pliers
Fabric and scissors - to figure out how much fabric you'll need, measure your seats and add 3-4 inches on each side; for example, I needed six 22x24 inch pieces, and my fabric was 55 inches wide, so I only needed 2 yards of fabric.
Staple gun& staples

1.  Remove the seats from the chair frame - they're usually held on with a few screws underneath.  These had two screws in the front and one on each side. Simply unscrew them and the seat will come right off.

2. Take a look at how the fabric has been attached to the seats - pay attention to the corners, you'll see that the fabric is folded around it.  If you want, take pictures of the corners so you can remember how to do them once you get the new fabric on.

3. Take off the old fabric - There should be a row of (hopefully not too many) staples around the edges of the fabric holding it on to the seat. You can pry these out pretty easily with a flathead screwdriver, although we needed to use pliers on some of them that broke or only popped out on one side.

This is where it can get dicey - especially with older furniture, you can't be sure what you'll find under here. Luckily, these seats had a nice layer of white vinyl underneath the fabric!

I just wiped these clean before putting on the new fabric.

4. Use the old seat fabric as a pattern to cut out your fabric - lay your new fabric out on a flat surface and figure out how you want to position the pieces based on the pattern/size of your fabric.  For example, I wanted the pattern on mine to be running vertically, so I laid the fabric out accordingly when I cut it. I also knew I could fit two pieces on the width of my fabric, so I folded it in half vertically and cut two pieces at a time, like so:

Although in this lovely diagram the seat pieces are perfect squares, the old fabric actually had the corners cut off, kind of like this: 

This made it easier to fold around the corners, since there wasn't excess fabric in the way.  

As you might be able to tell in the picture of the bottom of the seats above, I used pinking shears to cut the fabric since it was a heavy cotton just to make sure it wouldn't start unraveling. However, this is probably not absolutely necessary.

5. Now you're ready to put the new fabric on - and use the staple gun! Put one of the fabric pieces (right side down) on a flat surface, and place the seat on top of it.  Pull the edges up to make sure you've got it centered and there's enough fabric on each side to reattach to the chair.  

Starting at the center of one side, staple the fabric to the chair. I used 1/4" staples, about four on each side.  I found it easiest to do the top edge first, then the top two corners. Then I pulled the fabric tight (not too much!) and did the bottom edge and corners, and finally the sides (one at a time, pulling the fabric tight on the second side).

6. Replace the seats on the chair frames - the same way you got them off, just in reverse.  And bam! you've got new chairs!

You could always pay someone to reupholster furniture, but for something this easy you can do it yourself for less than half the cost! 


Hu Kitchen YUM

This weekend is flat out amazing already. I had a much needed day off from work yesterday and made it up to the most central of parks for a long run, I got a gorgeous haircut at Cutler in the Gansevort Park Hotel, and went to the Frying Pan with friends for the afternoon. Beers + Boats = BEST.

It gets better though. The discovery of Hu Kitchen (I can't take the credit) has made me the happiest person on earth. Hu Kitchen, located just west of Union Square, is a paleo packed, superfood rich, cafe/juice bar/haven for the entire spectrum of health nuts. Their mantra says it all:  they make food for humans, and it's about time someone did. They are not about the fad diets, the fame, or the money, they want to make real food for real people to enjoy - No additives, no preservatives, no chemicals, no funky business.

Side note: It's amazing to go somewhere where you can pick up a list of ingredients and recognize each and every one as healthy. Not to mention delicious.

Why would you go to Hu Kitchen over some other juice bar or cafe in the city?

1. A menu that will knock your socks off - ALL dairy and gluten free, raw and organic. Paleo melt in your mouth French toast? eryday. 
2. Would you like to enjoy your meal with 5 times alkalized water (free O charge)?  It really does taste amazing - like want to swim in it amazing.
3. Create your own granola parfait situation at their granola bar-bar. Healthy alternative to froyo (almond butter, home made granola, kiwi, blueberries) yussssss.

4. Home made almond butter? Drool worthy.
5. Fresh pressed juices and smoothies customizable for your tastes (+++gingery for me).
6. Paleo baked goods - I'm talking MUFFINZ people. But actually healthy muffins.
Basically obsessed. The world needs more Hu Kitchen's. Specifically right under my apartment and place of work.

Have a great weekend!


W.W. Back in Action

Happy Wednesday!

I hope everyone had amazing Memorial Day weekend celebrations! I certainly did because I was home by the beach and finally able to run again! Phew that was fast.

Early on Monday morning, I squeezed in a 4 mile run with my friend Claudia before hopping to the beach to enjoy the sunshine. We ran from my parents home in Rumson, NJ across the Navesink river and back. It was definitely tough, and I'm still trying to get back into my pre-injury shape, but baby steps are key and a gorgeous view doesn't hurt!

In light of my ability to run again, I wanted to share a few things I've learned about having an injury (from a person who thrives on her fitness routine)

1. A little goes a long way. I was nervous that I would be extremely out of shape because of my injury, but the exercise I was able to do went a long way. Between the strengthening exercises in physical therapy and the biking/ellipting I was able to stay relatively active and am still able to run 4 miles!

2. The power of positive thinking. I have written about this in a prior post, but keeping an optimistic spirit and focusing on the positive is key when you have an injury. It's so easy at times to think about what you can't do, but most people miss out on what they have already achieved. You have usually come farther than you think!

3. Embracing the sunshine and the outdoors. Getting outside does something to instantly brighten my mood. It's amazing how instantly calming the fresh air and sunshine are. If there is an ocean, river or pool close by, even better! (Add some macaroons to the mixture and i'm in heaven)

4. Friends. are. amazing. Point blank. They are the people that will have you laughing about your Park Avenue trip/fall/face plant in no time.

Have a happy happy Wednesday!


Best music video ever?

So I saw this recently, and totally died watching Jimmy Fallon doing the first song, which i'd never heard (Emma Stone is also amazing here, you should watch to the end).

So I looked up Fancy, and it is hands. down. the best music video ever made. (Lyrics slightly NSFW)

Amazing.  Happy Friday!!